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Name: Delta-Valerolactone
CAS No.:542-28-9     MF:C5H8O2
Name: Calcium Gluconate
CAS No.: 18016-24-5     MF:C12H24CaO15
Name:Ferrous Gluconate
CAS No.:22830-45-1     MF:C12H26FeO16
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AXY CHEM is a chemical and pharmaceutical group which has four manufacturing sites. There are: JiangXi ZhongYuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(ZHONGYUAN Pharma), JiangXi YuNeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (YUNENG Pharma), JiangXi XinGanJiang Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd (XGJ Pharma) and Taizhou YOJOY Chemical Co., Ltd. (YOJOY Chem).We are operated under the GMP and ISO 9001. Our products are certified to be TSE/BES free and Allergen free, having the Kosher certificate. AXY CHEM will keep on developing to meet customers’ demands. Hope to collaborate with you in the near future.

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